Sunday, June 6, 2010

Definitions of a brother

He fetch you to tuition even though it's during midnight.

He helps you pump petrol, send your car for services every now and then.

He doesn't wake up unless you kick him n times even though he has a dental appoinment in 30 minutes time.

He doesn't make his own breakfast, you make for him.

He bring you out for lunch/dinner when you are alone.

He carries you up two flights of stairs when your temperature rose til 39 degree.

He drives your car to the gym and wet your car seats with all his sweats.

He crashes his car and takes your car to work until his car is fixed.

He is constipated and you cut fruits for him after his meals.

He has fallen ill, and you mother him, you bring him to see doctor, buy his favourite food and make sure he's hydrated.

He make sure you get a taste of nightlife without leaving you unguarded.

He promised to pick you up when you go out with your friends to the club, no matter what time you leave.

He always keeps his promises.

He doesn't forget to hold your shoulder while crossing the road.

He's someone who loves you as a family member and doesn't mention it at all.

I love my brothers :), there I've said it.

P.S Happy birthday to Junior.
P.P.S Hope Convey recovers soon.

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