Friday, June 25, 2010

Veganified @Loving Hut

Right, on the Chinese calendar, 15th is not until tomorrow :S
Oh well you don't need a reason to go vegan :)
So today, my mum, my grandma and I (funny 3 generations) went to Loving Hut @Kota Damansara to have dinner.

Loving Hut's logo, kawaii desu~

Whee, the shop is super nice, I mean the interior.
I have been there once but tak jadi makan, because that time lots of food were not available, it's quite difficult to dine at a place when almost 60% of the menu were not available ain't it?

I was attracted by this!

The New Four Food Group, SO THE HEALTHY LAAA.

Not long after we ordered, drinks arrived.

Hot Lemon Tea

Chamomile and Pomelo Tea

Aloe Lemon Juice


featuring Apple, Cucumber, Lettuce, Raisin, Peanut, Green Pepper, Red Pepper, Tomato and Carrot

Nasi Lemak
Grandma ordered this.

Club Sandwich
Mine :)

and mum ordered a set meal.

Unagi in sweet sauces

Boiled Twin Vege and Brown Rice

My comment? I think I adore this shop, I totally love the concept, ambiance, environment and of course the FOOD!

As for my mum and grandma, they didn't like it haha.
The food was too plain for them.
Of course, what can you expect from Hakka's :P
Hakka's love food which are more flavorful and wet :)

I think I'll go back there for their healthy Sushi :)

Cheers to VEGANISM

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