Saturday, December 5, 2009



I went home to rest right after 11 o clock class, wasn't feeling well + most of PE1 still have Further Maths test from 11-1.

Around 6.30pm, phone rang.
Wen Wen : Skinny, we(Norman's car) coming now, in thirty minutes time.

Lai and Selva drove to my house at 7pm.
11 people waited for Norman in my living room.
Norman came and three cars were heading to Look Out Point.

Wen Wen's 'VERY RELIABLE' GPS got us the extra miles because there were delay :(.
Nonetheless, it was kind of fun getting lost in KL although my ears nearly bled sitting in a car with a cursing driver(Norman).

We finally reached Look Out Point around 8.40pm.
We had our dinner in Gasoline :)
Testing to take the KL view with my iPhone.

KL View, with Twin Tower

We ate and laughed, and camwhored.
It was loads of fun.
We left for home around 12.
I reached home around 12.40 to a grumpy mum LOL.

Lots of photos were taken with Wen Wen's baby and Chua's camera.
Will share them when I get my hands on them :)


I went to Let's A Cup Cafe, Kota Damansara. Been wanting to go but it was closed all the time.
Perhaps it was because of public holiday.

Varieties of flavors.


My 1st green stamp from KD branch!

I wasn't expecting it to be really coffeelicious because it's bubble tea :P

However, I was proven to be wrong.
My cup of Ice Blended Cappuccino had a strong coffee smell and it was KOW!
I had a little chit chat with the store owner and I got to know that the ingredients was different here in KD branch and SS15 branch because price also differs.
I will come back for more :P

Signing off ♥

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