Friday, December 11, 2009

Macau Escapade

Four days in Macau, so much to talk about.
I didn't sleep much over there, all I've been doing was eat, gamble,walk, shop!

I stayed in Venetian Hotel.
Visited Wynn, City of Dreams, MGM, Hard Rock and Sands.
Not bad already because we stayed for a while in those hotels.
I'm most impressed with Hard Rock Hotel besides Venetian.

Hard Rock Hotel

Always wanted to go to Hard Rock Hotel.
Their toilet is black in colour. It's so cool xD

Took the morning 6.30am flight.
Went at 4 something.
Ate at Old Town, LCCT before that.
We reached Macau and had lunch.
Lunch was chinese food.
Had lots of meat and rice in Macau.
So the first food I ate when I came back to Malaysia was noodle soup xD

Fun comes with a price called Allergy :)

Went to Zhuhai, China on the second day.
We went for hair wash, massage and shopping!
Those are dead cheap! No Jokes!
Walked from morning til night and FYI, I didn't sleep since I landed in Macau.
We were in casino all along.

Tried Macau Pork Chop Burger, Portuguese Tarts and etc etc.
Satisfaction :)

Just very tired

More pictures here

P.S I love my new bag and pyjamas lol!
P.P.S there are more pictures in aunt's camera, will post up when I get my hands on em :)

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