Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ring ring!


A tiring day.

Went to do Christmas shopping with parents in Mid Valley.
Like rice burger and minced meat.
It was so bloody crowded!
I bought a present for Mel's birthday dinner at night.

Went to her birthday dinner at 7.40pm in Damansara Palace.
We were the first one to arrive.
Waited for a while, dishes were up on the table by 9pm.
That was because a wedding dinner was going on simultaneously.
The dinner was filling to the brim.
The Longetivity Noodle wasn't finished.
Thanks again Mel for the wonderful dinner.

After dinner, headed off to Peninsula Residence for *cough* private party *cough*.
The guys and girls went to swim while I happily chilled by the bench and fed the mossies off my delicious blood (:
Played some games and headed back to the room.
Tried tequila for the first time.
I'm a noob :)
Tequila aint my cup of tea :P
Left and went to fetch Yei Yuen from Quadro@KL.


Santa Jolyn delivered Christmas present to Min's doorstep.
We had a little chat and I left.

I'm going to Singapore with brother and Yei Yuen later.
Back on Monday.
Will update with pictures, til then :)

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