Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Dinner

Just when I thought Friday night I'll be staying home,
brother told me that he's bringing me to SSGC annual christmas dinner @Damansara Palace.
So I thought, well why not :)?
He said we were gonna leave at 6pm sharp, so I got ready by then.
Um he was ready by 6.30pm.
So while waiting, camwhore lor =.="

Then it was time to leave.

The first thing I noticed after entering the 'makan' hall.

so big, so heavy, Final Destination 3?

Ticket, I wonder what's the number for hmm.

Leaflet+Beryl Choc for the guest

Info inside the leaflet :)



The Projector at the un-reachable position

There were speeches and songs.
We listened to the speeches and sang along with the band.
It was peaceful and joyful throughout the night.


Christmas Carol Pretender xD

Me, Convey, Yei Yuen

The Girls

Thanks to Mel for inviting us along for the dinner.
Merry Christmas in advanced everyone.
Have a good one :)

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