Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Curse of the Red Shirt

Day Two at Taylor's Lakeside Campus

It was like exploitation of labour.
Lecturers in charge and student helpers get lunch of quality I dont wanna speak about (:
Anyway today the crowd was lesser, we get to stone for quite a while.
Perhaps because it's weekend you see.

Eng Wee and Matthew resting

We were all struck by the curse of the red shirt, the student helper shirt.
Apparently, if you are wearing the red shirt, you can't eat the visitor's food and you can't park your car inside the spacious campus.

Things you cannot do while wearing the red shirt:
Eat Ice Cream
Eat sandwich
Drink coffee
park your car inside the campus
Eat fancy pastry

Things you can do while wearing the red shirt:
Eat your rice box which often consist of over-salty food

It was all merely opinion, nothing sensitive, I'm still proud to be a Taylorian *peace*

Restaurant for visitors and illy coffee for visitor

P.S Do visit Taylor's Lakeside Campus, tomorrow is the last day of our open day and 18-20 will be Taylor's Campus Day at SS15 and Sri Hartamas (:

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