Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Singapore trip : Everything else

I'm back withhhhh Singapore trip part two (:!
So it was basically lots of walking and eating in Singapore.
We walked from Bugis to Orchard and back to Bugis because Bugis is more to our style.
Orchard is simply too expensive, I'll shop there if mum was with me *evil laughters*
The clothes at Bugis Street and Bugis Junction was uber cheap.
Ranging from $5 to $20!
Can shop like mad woman weh!

At night, we went sightseeing all around Singapore.
I was awed by the Ritz-Carlton hotel.

There were 33 malls on Orchard Road itself.
So it's 33 types of different Christmas decorations.
How was I supposed to snap each and everyone of them :X
Lazy sial.

I'll just post up some of the decorations here (:

Tanglin Mall used the innovative idea of using recycled items for Christmas decoration, and it got them the title of Best Dressed Building of 2009.

The front part
It's so famous for photo taking that I can't get one without human inside the picture :(

YY and me

The Sweet Couple with the Heart-shaped lollipop

Amazing little house made from recycled item

It's a snowman yo!

Somewhere along Orchard Road

Starry Starry decoration on a christmas tree


Takashimaya E.C


Ion Orchard

Too dark, only managed to see Prada and the logo.

Starbucks after midnight

Operate 24 hours (:

Cotton On!

Alert! : Fans of Cotton On.

Merlion and One Fullerton

Merlion and One Fullerton

Uber lots of human trying to enter Overeasy club weh.
The name doesn't fit at all lol!

The Bay

Along the street (:

It's a reflective ship!


New Bridge Road

Bungy anyone?

Even bungy jump gets the christmas feel eh?

I want to try this on my next visit!

So High UP!

Underwater World @ Sentosa Island

All types of aquatic species
From top left : Seahorse, Scorpio Fish, Edible Fish muahaha, Dugong, Seadragon, Crab, Snail, Octopus, Eel, Touch the aquatic animals pool, Sharks development, Tortoise

How did the peacock get up there?

Clarke Quay
Where pubs and clubs gather.

The Coffee Connoisseur


Caught sipping coffee, NOT.

The Clinic
A hospital themed bar
Fancy relaxing on a wheelchair and sipping alcohol on IV drip?
The Clinic is for you (:


Steel seats


Operation chair

Adios amigos, peeps (:

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