Monday, December 21, 2009

The endoscope costed RM1K, and the medicine costed around RM750.
So there goes another half of an LV bag. As confident as I was about the state of my own stomach, the endoscope proved me wrong.
I was diagnosed with a bad stomach infection, with tonnes of helicobacter pylori erroding the internal walls. Besides that, grade A reflux was detected too.The doctor said if helicobacter not treated properly, could lead to stomach cancer. Suddenly, endoscope seem like it wasn't a bad idea at all.
The endoscope was irritating because I wasn't on sedation. I could only feel the numbness in my throat and when the tube was moving inside me, I was nauseous all the way. The only comforting stuff was my mum's hand pressing on my feet and doing the 'shh' sound.

So I'm on two weeks of medicine, two types of antibiotics and another stomach medicine which is wearing me out, making me tired most of the time. No more coffee, tea, chocolates, peppermint and fast food. No more lying down in the three hours after meal.
And the worst is no more supper :(. How to live without supper :(?
Life goes on, I hope the doctor will see my effort in the next visit, in 2-3 weeks time >.<

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