Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Day at Ikea

My morning started of with a phone call from dad.
Telling me to deliver his golf bag to his office.
People were staring at me like I'm from outer space.
I acted like they did not exist.
Proceeded to Curve to meet up with May, Gek and Mannee after that.
We ate at Theobrama Choc Lounge, and then took pictures for the whole day.
Xmas atmosphere in Curve is impressive, goes by the theme 'Bedazzled Christmas@Curve'.

at Curve

Group Picture

I spent a total of RM120 on books :(
There goes my 3 days paycheck, POOF!

Oh but before that we went to IKEA first!

Hope is a candle giving out light :)

Move forward and don't look back.

Friends forever :)

How much flooring in a single box?

Always on time :)

Wish upon a star :)

Will you marry me :)?

♥ me xD It's Christmas baby!



I so totally love this picture of May
Sorry May xD

That's all for today :)

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