Friday, December 4, 2009


Things that roughly happened in the past two days.

in Physics Lab

Blow hard enough and the windmill might spin then the LED will light out, Mr Chan got it from market :).

Spin it hard enough and the LED will light up, Mr Chan got it from market too.

in Bangsar
Miniature Building Models made out of edible materials

Creative ain't it :)

2 days is long enough for me to abandon my blog.
Well, was busy with class tests and family stuffs.
Also, mood just wasn't up for anything.
Sleepover with Aiyan had to be postponed due to some reasons. However, we still went to explore Bangsar ^^.


Man Man and I used the same bottles!
please ignore Matty and his purple hoodie

Classes were rather relaxing, and there were absentees of course as it was the last day of college.

Jay Sen, my morning companion for the past few days :)

P.S All the pictures are rather blur due to limitation.

more like to remind self lol

Tonight : Look Out Point with 0901PE1
Looks like it's the last class outing for 2009
Have a good holiday PE1 :), don't waste precious time and make good use of the holidays :).
See you guys in Semester Three.

Tomorrow night : Dinner and The Get Up @ Roots?
with siblings and min :)
idk why I will always miss her lol!

7-10 : Macau!
11-13 : Taylor's Open Day, am anticipating to see the Lakeside Campus :)
19 : Lam Fung concert with mama :)
20 : Ipoh makan-makan with Convey, Yei Yuen and Min.

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