Friday, December 18, 2009

♥ it feel it taste it

Today at afternoon.
After paying bills and stalking Starbucks,
I went to the new mall a.k.a Sunway Giza in KD to explore and restock on snacks.

Village Grocer

I bought my snacks from Village Grocer.
Maybe because it's still new, that's why it's tidy and cheap.
I saw a new Japanese restaurant the other day.
We were gonna have dinner there tonight.

Today at evening.

Look at the choices of Sushi (:


and it was freaking fresh!
I meant EVERYTHING there.

Soba, California Temaki and Chicken Cheese

Junior : Yum!

Chui Yee : What to take?

Today at night.
About ten of us went to Sanctuary@The Curve.
They opened bottles of Black Label.
Oh did I mention I hate Black Label?
It tasted like medicine to me.
and never ever wear top with sleeves to Sanctuary.
I regretted it so much.
It was humid and hot over there.
I think even Ice Bar wouldn't help.

Look at the couple, both are sweaty.
because no matter you dance a little or hardcore, you sweat like pipe over there.
and yes, it's THAT hot.

This is Sanctuary at 3am, lights on (:

Not too tired for a reflection shot X:

It has been quite a night.
I'm off to bed, good night world (:

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