Saturday, April 23, 2011

Premiere Screening of Fairly Legal @ Ecoba

I was one of the ten lucky winners for the premiere screening of 'Fairly Legal', an english legal series by the Diva Universal and the MSN Entertainment Malaysia. I was allowed to bring a friend with me, so I decided to bring Felicia with me :), always my kaki hang out XD.

This is the poster for the series. 

  "Fairly Legal" is a television series starring Sarah ShahiMichael TruccoBaron Vaughn, and Virginia Williams. Basically this series is about Kate Reed (a really attractive woman) changes her profession from lawyer to mediator and works at the San Francisco law firm her father started. Well, to know more, do tune on Ch702 to watch the premiere show at 9pm on May 5 (Thursday)

Oh guess what, we bumped into Caroline Ng there :), was great meeting her for the first time. The world is such a small place really, I just commented on her pan mee post like a few days ago, and then there i met her for the first time. She's a really sweet girl I must say. 


The emcee of the night was Serena C, and the screening kind of started late. I didn't take many pictures, mostly was Felicia with her compact camera and Caroline with her fancy DSLR :P. She was invited by Kelvin Tan. Then, later their friends, whom I only recognized one of them as Rebecca Saw came and join us. 

Oh well, not much food were served. We only got to have the chips, breadsticks and also some gourmet finger food.

Drinks were free flow though, only three choices, beer/wine/orange cordial. Needless to say, I drank orange cordial LOL.

The event was ok la, kind of crappy la because NO DINNER :(. SAD RIGHT. but ok la, the show kind of nice la, I left at 9pm sharp though lol. Ok la, time to steal some pictures from Caroline's blog LOL, because I didn't take any :(

Serena C as emcee

Us :)

Oklah, that's all for now :). 

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Caroline Ng May Ling said...

hey u such a sweetiepie too! i recognized u on the first glance! mwahaha!! great to meet u there! Though am quite disappointed with no dinner oso. :( but they plan to make it up for us again right?? :)

Jolyn said...

Caroline : hahaha they certainly are :), what do you have in mind :)? I'm putting it on hold due to finals and sick now.

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