Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jun's farewell + Je's 24th @ Zouk KL

Saturday night was the second night in a row that I stayed up late to go out eversince my healthy lifestyle commenced. It was a night out at Zouk KL with my brothers, cousins and also friends. Why did I go to a club when exam is so near? Shouldn't I be cramming at home? I know these questions are making me guilty too, but my brother is flying off next Tuesday for a job training in Luxembourg, I won't be seeing him for a while, plus this is the first time I will be hanging out and just having fun with so many people that I love and related to.

It's all farmiliar and at the same time comforting :). I love being in my comfort zone.

 My brother, Jun whom I won't be seeing for a while.

I haven't took a proper picture with him in a while, even the one we took were kind of blur because of the lighting problem. Even so, I'm grateful to my cousin, Min (: Thanks to Min, I have a recent photo with my brother whom I won't be seeing for a while (: 

It was a legendary night in Zouk, glad Jun had fun during his farewell and god knows where they went and what they did post-Zouk. Not forgetting that, happy birthday to Je and also to those having hangover or had hangover, get well soon! I personally am struck down with fever and sore throat. All my long lost friends a.k.a sicknesses had somehow found their way towards me once again. I must get well soon because if I don't do well for exams, somehow or somewhat the blames would be put on the sickness itself and it's so totally UNCOOL ):

Last but not least, whatever happened in a club stays there (:

Yours truly.

Heading out xoxo!



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Hilda Milda™ said...

I srsly like your hair, I can't help myself but keep staring at it! :P

Jolyn said...

Hilda : thanks for dropping by babe. Owh, um thanks :)? But my hair was smelly like crazy XD

Pirouz said...

Haha, nice one... Should've mentioned the people you encountered there as well, u know what I mean :D

P.S like your make up and specially your hair !!

B Happy

kuromeowiie said...

u gt thick hair~~so nais!><
i wanna go zouk i wanna go zouk i wanna go zouk LOL

♥FELICIA♥ said...

nice pic ! <3

Jolyn said...

P : you computer guy lol! you la don't want come and rescue me :P. I just want the GOOD memories of that night remains :P

meow : haha yes, i have very thick hair. it wasn't a very pleasant night lah, but then right u have to go there at least once in your lifetime (:

Fel : thanks dear :)

Kian Fai said...

fuiyoh leng lui in da house =P

Jolyn said...

Kian Fai : Thanks for commenting :). LOL!

Isaac Tan said...

Last but not least, whatever happened in a club stays there (: <--- very true.

I like the way you made your eyes look really big XD

Jolyn said...

Isaac : thanks for your support (: and haha thanks for liking it :P

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

auww no wont be seeing but can always webcam one! :D good thing u had a great night at there! :D

Jolyn said...

Caroline : yes i did, and you are right :)

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