Monday, July 18, 2011

Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 Press Conference

Hi yo people, this blog has been frozen for a while, it's time to revive it. I'm de-freezing the blog not because I am in the mood or what, it's actually because there's something I need to post on, which is a recent event that I went :) *points at the title* Tada! It speaks for itself :), I went to the Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 Press Conference a while back in Sunway Lagoon with a bunch of medias and a few bloggers last Tuesday.

The invitation sent to me was as below :

INVITATION: Miss Universe Malaysia Press Conference

 The Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation (MUMO) cordially invites you to a Press Conference, happening next week at:

Date: 12 July 2011, Tuesday

Time: 2.00pm

Venue: The Lighthouse Bistro, Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, 3 Jalan PJS 11/11 Bandar Sunway (enter via the Lagoon Theme Park entrance)

The PC will reveal the National Costume for reigning Miss Universe Malaysia 2011 Deborah Henry who will be participating in the pageant in Brazil later this year. 

Also, the Organisation will announce the details of the upcoming Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 Reality Television Show


SOOOOOO that was what the invitation said! Oh well, it was a 20 minutes long event, NOT FORGETTING the fact that it was a hot day :(, it didnt do any justice for one to be a Sunway Lagoon for a day like this except if one is aiming to get real tanned. Basically there were a bunch of medias that I don't know, beautiful girls, and let's say I felt really out of place at places like these, ok better not get carried away. Andrea Fonseka actually came and engaged me in a conversation, ah... beautiful girl with a friendly personality, I like :). I think I saw Daphne Iking and of course, Deborah Henry herself, in her beautiful wau costume :).

I shall share some lousy photos I took using my ancient iPhone 3G XP.

Andrea Fonseka, MC of the event.

Deb Henry with the sponsors

Deb Henry with her costume designer by her side, and some ladies.

and last but not least, let the lady show off her costume yo :)!

I call her, the Wau lady.

I wonder if she will get exhausted having to walk like that most of the time, during the pageant competition :S.

That's it for the 20 minutes long press conference, not bad for the first time of an amateur like me to be in an event like this, at least to keep me accompany for boring days XD.

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xiaopei said...

Lucky you to get the invite :)

Jolyn said...

xiaopei : I know right :D!

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