Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Freedumb (:

Sorry for the long hiatus peeps, I've absolutely no idea when I'm going to update a proper post on this precious blog of mine. Finals was sucking the life outta me, that explains the long hiatus :S Today marks the first day of my holiday. I spent it doing LAC duty in Taylor's. What can I say, I have Taylor's phobia now.

Dear bloggy, I've so much to update you on, but words can't really fit everything into one post for what happened in the past month. Too much has happened, be it good or bad. More is gonna come for the next few months. Hopefully the big guy up there will bring me through everything for I know and I believe :).

Although I wasn't actively blogging for the past month, I have been updating myself a lot on my Twitter ( and my instagram (jolyn91). Until I can collect my thoughts and find my inner peace again, the quality of my posts will remain at this standard, saddenng huh :S?

Trust me, I'm (almost) a lawyer. -- says the shirt :P

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Isaac Tan said...

blogging, even if it's a short post is never saddening! :)

Jolyn said...

Isaac, owhhhh~ thanks for the support :D

SS. said...

i agree with Isaac. it's not about the length of the post. it's about the fact that you published something. feels good right? have a good long holiday jolyn!

Jolyn said...

owh syah, so sweet of you, happy holiday to you too :D

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