Friday, June 3, 2011

Sky Bar, Traders Hotel KL

I must say, I'm surprised the blogging mood is back in such a short time. Probably because I met my bestie, May today (: Words can't describe how much I've missed her and now that she's back, we started off slow and spent the whole day together. Oh well, since I've just started back on blogging, I shall use pictures as the foundation of this post :).

Brunch : Restaurant Jin Xuan HK Dim Sum

I picked May up from her house at around 11.30am and then we headed to our first stop, the Damansara Jaya branch :P. She had all the prawn dimsum while I had the fried loh mai rice that I've been craving since last night. We had so much to catch up on, it felt like I've never been this talkative since ages ago. No pictures were taken during brunch, because let's face it, this particular restaurant has been blogged to death with positive reviews, they need no introduction here anymore. PLUS, May and I didn't bring any camera, we were relying on my phone to take good pics for Sky Bar during tea time LOL!

Tea Time : Sky Bar, Traders Hotel

It was like any other working days, KL was congested to the max, cars were sluggish on Jalan Kuching, ya I took the long route to KLCC lol and I don't know why. Jammed for an hour and finally reached KLCC. I was thinking the best route to Sky Bar is to park at KLCC and get to Traders Hotel via the open air KLCC park. You got it right, we walked under the hot burning sun towards Traders Hotel, and by the time we got there, clothes were kinda wet lol.

Right, cut the crap :). So, right on the 33rd floor of Traders Hotel, lies this relaxing jewel of the hotel.

Sky Bar.

It does not just have areas for guests to dine and drink, it also has a clear swimming pool :)

Awesome ain't it? I saw some 'ang moh' dove in and swam laps while I was chilling with May from our seats. You know what, we were the only Chinese there, the rest were 'ang moh' lol.

There, all 'ang moh' XD

Ain't both of us a lucky pair? On a day without booking, not only we got a good table, they are also having a promotion titled 'For Her' (:, it features a selection of any 2 cocktails for only RM48++ from any of the five cocktails listed on the flyer which can be seen on every tables.

This is the place where the magic of drinks mixing happen (:

Our Kapitan Treasures

It was refreshing, you will like it if you were sweating like mad due to the hot weather.

We spent about an hour and a half there just chilling, playing with iPad and..

well..napping :P

The rest of the day were spent window-shopping in KLCC and then raiding the SS2 night market for food and drinks (: Had so much fun doing everything with May, can't wait to hang out with her again.

On the other hand, Sky Bar is a really relaxing bar, I don't mind going there again.

For more info about Sky Bar, please head to their homepage here.

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ken said...

always see photos of it.. friends been there before.. but i've never even came close to it.. :)

Isaac Tan said...

The skybar is really a classy place to chill out XD

Anonymous said...

always wanna go there but wrong timing T__T

Jolyn said...

ken : it was my first time there :), friend came back from Scotland and wanted to give it a try.

Isaac : yes indeed :) two girls about RM60 lol why wrong timing?

thenomadGourmand said...

I heard their food here is good!

Jolyn said...

thenomadGourmand : ya the food looked very yum yum! but very exp >.<

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