Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Penang with law-lipops

Guess where I spent my last weekend :) PENANG YO!

Party rock is in the house tonight (:, everybody just have a good time!

Haha, I don't know why we chose that particular day to have a road trip to Penang, the 4th of June. It was a public holiday, a school holiday and also my semester break. What are the odds right lol? On the day itself, Zhe & Jon fetched me and then we headed to Kelana LRT to board the LRT to the Taman Jaya Station to meet James. James drove us to campus to meet up with the rest, by 8.30am, we started our journey.

Many things happened throughout this trip and not all were really nice to say it here XD So ya, what happened in Penang stays in Penang. It was a pure food-booze-slacking and time wasting trip.


We stopped in Ipoh for Hor Fun Soup and the White Coffee. Went to both Nam Heong and Sun Yuan Foong :). I'm sure you have heard of these two shops as they were kind of like the trademark of Ipoh. We didn't take pictures of the food though.

Then, we continued our journey to Penang, reached there and checked in to our dodgy and worthless hotel, thank God it was clean, that's really all I'm asking for lol. We had our dinner in Gurney Drive (: Dinner consisted of Char Kuey Teow, Fried Chicken Skins, Oyster Omelette, Pasembur, Chendol and Popiah. In my opinion, the Fried Chicken Skins triumphed among the bunch (: The rest were edible and average :). 

After dinner, we hung around in Gurney Plaza and then headed back to the hotel for booze night. The guys really bought liquor to do their own mixing in the room, so ya I think the story for that night shall stop here (:


lawyers (ALMOST!) on the beach :)

Breakfast was provided in the hotel, so we ate in the hotel, and then headed off to Lorong Selamat for round two. Char Kuey Teow by the sisters duo was where we were headed. Waited for a bit, and honestly? I don't see anything special bout their Char Keuy Teow. To me, it's just well... a plate of Char Kuey Teow. Oh well, it's just an opinion anyway :)

After Char Kuey Teow, then it was Chendul time, the Penang Road Famous Chendul. I'm not a big fan of Chendul. therefore I didn't try. However, it looks nice and my mates enjoyed the Chendul a lot! The sun was burning and we decided to hang around in Queensbay Mall after Chendul.

Did some shopping and raid Austin Chase + Chatime :). The highlight of the day happened after Queensbay Mall :D We went to the Tanjung Bungah Beach and spammed Rach's camera. Enough said, a lot of pictures were taken :D. There were not many with me inside though :P Wasn't in the mood to camwhore like REALLY REALLY A LOT!

After the beach, it was time for NASI KANDAR LINE CLEAR! 

Rach and I at Nasi Kandar Line Clear :)

This place is famous for their nasi kandar, but I don't like to eat there. I can never dine in a place this dirty, I lose my appetite instantly. Not even if they are so nice and well- known. I still prefer Original Kayu Nasi Kandar ;).

Then it was BOOOZE NIGHT AGAIN! I can't stop emphasizing on how funny that night was. The way Amar acted just to make everyone drink XD.

Self explanatory much :D


Breakfast in hotel then BOOOOOOO OFF WE WENT TO THE LAKSA IN PASAR AIR ITAM :). DAMN A LOT OF PEOPLE WEH! Ok la cut the crap, I still prefer my mum's laksa lol. Now you know why I can never be a food critics, because I'm TOO PICKY AND I CRITICIZE too much :). Therefore I shall not emphasize too much on the food yo!

Walked around for a bit and sent Lena off at the airport before leaving Penang :). Had our lunch in Onn Kee Beansprout Chicken Rice in Ipoh. It was like a meal from heaven! I think we were too hungry ba hahaha! Wanted to have the Tau Fu Fah from Funny Mountain but it was sold out :( SAD! 

Off we went to buy gifts from the biscuit shop named Sin Eng Heong in Ipoh and then we left :). It was a long journey way home, the guys made a stop at my humble abode. The first thing Josh did in my house was checking into Foursquare while the rest were dying to pee lol. Oh ya, and we kinda camwhored for a bit :P

Guys, thank you so much for year one and also everything, I'll miss you guys soo sooo much :'). See you guys soon!

That's all for my Penang trip! I shall plan my holiday wisely now.

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Nava.K said...

Penang is a beautiful place with delicious food.

Isaac Tan said...

weird, i thought I followed your blog before.. how come no record one.

Penang is the BEST place to be lo~!

Jolyn said...

Nava. K : Yes, yummyyy!

Isaac : I don't know lol, I prefer to be in PJ hehehe.

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

wohoo! had a great fun there aye! :D

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