Monday, May 2, 2011

shock me like an electric eel.

I've been sick for 8 days now, since last Sunday. It's been sorethroat-flu-fever-flu-cough. Mind you, I am having a really bad flu that my mind can't concerntrate on anything else. I tried to go and discuss exam-related stuffs with my friends, but I think I'm a nuisance to them. That's because all the time I'm there, I'm busy dealing with my annoying and torturing nose. FML seriously, I need a new nose, a healthy one. I know I shouldn't have gone out to crowded places and that only will make me sicker, but I can't help it, I'm lacking human interactions. I miss my law mates, and my other friends :(.

Exam is like 2.5 weeks away, and here I am, getting sicker and sicker. I don't know I'm getting sicker or getting well, I'm always getting false hope. Once I wake up in the morning, thinking ya, nose clear phlegm gone, then I went and continue with my routine, boom bad flu and cough all come back to me. Gosh, I need to get well already :(. It's not that I haven't realised this before, but now it's crystal clear to me that, health is really important, more important than anything else. Once I got sick, nothing else seems relevant, all I wanna do is crash and shut down. I can't do anything else, even being myself took some effort, yes I'm that tired and jaded. I can't taste anything, not even savoury food. All that's left on my tongue is the mixture of medications aftertaste. I hate those taste :(. Not even a packet of Hacks could make those taste go away.

Tired of being sick, frustrated of the annoying nose, I want nothing else but to be healthy again, I need my healthy engine back, and oh god I hope you are listening to my prayers, I want colours back to my face too. I've been looking like a ghost for 8 days. Can you hear me? A prayer from a non believer. I just want to get well, nobody deserves to be sick, yes nobody. I'm pathetic I know.

P.S I have a song that cheers me up too when I'm sick.

I'm easily happy, ain't that good :)?

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Isaac Tan said...

get well soon my dear friend

Jolyn said...

Isaac, thank you :D

Kahmon said...

Drink more water and rest. Get well soon, kay? ^^

Kian Fai said...

so your sick cured? =P

Jolyn said...

Kahmon : thanks, I will :)

KF : in the process :)

Shemah said...

This is my song!!! :) YAY! Btw, came from Isaac's RT! ;) Hope you get well soon!

Jolyn said...

Shemah, thanks for the visit :)!

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