Friday, June 17, 2011

To Friendship :)

It's always fun no matter what activities we do with our friends. Especially those cherished one. It didn't even matter whether the original plan was followed or not, even if things get out of control, simple back up plans would cheer us up. No matter what, you are not alone in this world :). Friends are what keep us accompany, and truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave even, and of course impossible to forget.

My friends will be what I miss the most when I'm off to UK for my degree studies. Many might have wondered, why am I, an average girl, stays single for so long? The thing is, single is not a status, and you don't need a boyfriend or girlfriend to spice things up in your life, oh well you may say that I would eventually need one in the future, but now? In my current state? I'm only barely twenty years old, and still studying, not even working yet to support myself, and there's still so much more to life! 

Oh let me add, friends are forever, if they make it into your future, there's always a reason for it so hold on to your friends and never let go, second chance doesn't come often :), and if those friends never make it to your future, what can I say? At least they left a footstep in our memories :), something for us to ponder on and reminisces in. Therefore, I would always put family and friends on top of my list :). Just some food for thought anyway before I begin another blog entry after a few weeks of absence :).

It doesn't matter what your definition of friends are, it could be..

your loving and blur brother :),

your best friend forever, or most commonly known as BFF :),

people you get along with despite having contrasting personalities,

people you crossed path with from different walks of life,

and precious people who will always be on your mind.

See, friendship has a very wide scope of definition, it's really unlike any other relationship, particularly the boy-girl relationship, you know what I mean. Friendship is forever :).

So ya, just a food for thought.

To Friendship, people, to friendship :)!

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HenRy LeE ® said...

yup! agree... good friendship are for life just like husband and wife relationship! most of the time our life journey started is influenced by our friends and it's harder to find a best friend than a good girl friend, imho la! XD anyway! All the best to you and hopefully u'll get to be with good company in UK!

Jolyn said...

Henry : Thank you :).

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