Saturday, April 23, 2011

An evening of live jazz with the Patrick Terbrack Quartet @ No Black Tie

I have a weakness for good music and of course, great company. My classmates and I have been talking about attending a live jazz performance for a while,  since even before our mock exams. Finally, one of us, the kind Grace, got around to checking the website out and after much discussion, we booked a table for yesterday night, the 22nd of April 2011, to watch the Patrick Terbrack Quartet play in No Black Tie.

Below is the official poster for the event.

The quartet, not including the pianist in the picture because he was sitting far far left.

Notice the white shirt drummer? I think it's quite impressive because he's a JAZZ drummer and he's only 18!

sax & trumbone duo, complement each other so well that my jaw dropped.

It was a very impressive and fantastic performance I must say.

They started at sharp 10.30pm and  I think it went on until 1am++. I left at 1am though. Their performances were very relaxing and carefree, they totally know their stuffs! I was blown away by their creativity with the sax, trumbone, drums, bass and of course piano :). I didn't enjoy myself very much because I was struck with tummy problem around 11pm :(. It's like I only heard like 20 minutes of their performances and then booom! I was in pain until 1am++. Kind of it's my own fault la, shouldn't have drank the alcohol before taking my dinner, but they serve my dinner so late lah :(. I was thirsty, how was I supposed to know a sip of tequila would do that to my poor tummy?

Okok, enough of the whiny stuffs, back to the awesome quartet. It was held at No Black Tie, a small double storey kind of house on Jalan Mesui, located in the hearts of KL I shall say. Inside, it's quite small and it could accommodate up to 40 pax I think. I also think that jazz is not everyone's cup of tea, that night itself, the crowds consist of mostly classy caucasians and chinese.

We were the odd one out, we looked like 14 lost law students found ourselves trapped in a jazz concert XD.

Shall share some group pictures we took :)

from left to right : Me, Jack, Grace and Rachel a.k.a the gossip gang :P

me and Jack the mimbo LOL.

Group picture yo :)

Everyone dressed up so nicely for the night :)

We left around 1am even though the performances were still going on, that's because some of us have curfew :(, and I was in so much pain that I think i'd be a nuisance with my head down on the table while the quartet is performing two tables away from my table :X.

I wanna thank everyone for making this awesome outing happened!

Also, would like to thanks Faiz for driving me to and fro even though he lives temporarily in KL now.

mmm, ALSO THANK YOU SO MUCH JACK, for walking with me to the mini market to get my tummy medicine in a sea of clubs and people from various backgrounds.


OH, thanks Rachel for bunking over at my house, had an awesome sleepover withchu :D

So people, if you have a thing for Jazz, or you would just like a change of environment, or just wanna try something new, maybe can head on to to check out their events date. It's not a bad choice to choose to spend an evening listening to live jazz you know :). They are really awesome at what they do, however cover charges may differ and time of the performance varies.

For the one we went, it was RM30 per person for the cover charge and the food & beverages were a bit expensive. However, you can opt to just order a drinks there and listen to jazz all night then head out to the mamak for food after the performance XD.

Yours Truly.

Thank you for reading :)

13 comment beans:

Baboon Tan said...

I don't really like Jazz, so yeah maybe just try the environment,
Anyway where is all the food?? I wanna how nice it is!! :)

Jolyn said...

Boon :

Forgotten lor, never mind la I lazy lol.

Portion - Small
Price - Expensive
Taste - Not bad

Isaac Tan said...

wow jazz, seems like a classy place to be to unwind after a hard day at work.. :)

Jolyn said...

Isaac : it depends on you really, it was my first time there (: and in my opinion, it's really classy and on the high end, once in a while is ok (:

kuromeowiie said...

I like Jazz whei :) and the live band like so awesome!><

♥FELICIA♥ said...

dont boom my cbox =.= why ur blog no chatbox >.< I can only comment in here ~

Jolyn said...

kuromeowiie : HI5, got kaki liao :). they were awesome :). my jaw dropped liao you drop lol.

Felicia : I already removed it long time ago :).

Patrick Terbrack said...

Yeah, the prices can be a bit high but I find that it's worth it... especially for my band! lol! Thanks for coming to my show!!! Hope to see you all at the next one... two... three...


Patrick Terbrack

Kian Fai said...

you say the Drummer is only 18 years old huh :) not bad XD

btw I not really fans of live performance unless they do perform it very well and keng la :)

from post above, you enjoy it . . . (maybe) LOL!

Take care btw!

Jolyn said...

Patrick Terbrack : haha, thanks for your comment! My classmates and I will plan again, maybe after our law final exams :).

Jolyn said...

Kian Fai : haha, yes i enjoyed it (: would have enjoyed it even more if I wasn't having gastric lol. yea he is unbelievably young for a jazz drummer (: LOL and you have no idea how well they sounded LIVE (: maybe coz of the small room? I don't like watching concert on video (especially Jazz concert), they sounded a bit not-as-good XD

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

hey dats a gud one u know! i mean enjoying live band n chillaxing with frens. i miss doing this with my besties n lecturer! :(

Jolyn said...

Caroline : it's time to do it then :D

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