Sunday, July 24, 2011

LAWASIA International Moot Competition (Malaysia, National Rounds) 2011

The LAWASIA season is here :). My classmates whom were involved had one final challenge to take on before they could qualify for the LAWASIA moot which would be held in South Korea. The Malaysian LAWASIA National Rounds was held in Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration (KLRCA) last weekend, on the 23rd to 24th July. I'm blogging bout the event from an outsider point of view :).

I met up with my classmates whom were gonna participate in the competition in uni and we were headed off to KLRCA. Oh well, I'm glad I went :), because even though I didn't join the event as a mooter or a student volunteer, I was there as a visitor. I was able to witness the whole process of the competition, because visitors are allowed to sit in and watch :).

KLRCA wasn't as big as I expected it to be, it was quite small actually, the moot venues for each competition were small too, there were just one big tables with chairs surrounding it for mooters and judges. There were 3 judges, one of them from AG Chamber :). 2 mooters for the claimant and 2 mooters for the respondent, with 1 bench counsel for each sides, not forgetting 1 bailiff and 1 timekeeper. 

Everyone was a winner that day, and honestly, I'm so proud of my friends, they really went all out to prove themselves to the judges, but the final total marks is the important ones, each teams' marks has got to combine together and add up to the final marks as the final result.

We took some photos in KLRCA. Let me share it with you guys :D

Such tension D:!

Everyone who was involved had a name tag worn around their neck :)

Jame's name tag as a moot participant :D.

Let's move into the moot court, I watched James and Jon's moot.

James and Jon for the claimant with Amar as their bench counsel :).

Ongoing moot competition, tension gila!

After delibration, *phew*, a friendly group photo for both sides and the judges XD.

Oh well, now even though the result is yet to be released, they have already done their best, so everyone of them is a champion, winning or losing is not important, the most important thing is that at the end of the journey, they know what they are capable of achieving.

Now, the WINNERS shot XD, haha I tumpang the winners *perasan*

The very semangat-ed visitors who woke up early to support OUR FRIENDS :D

By the way, my seniors' team was the defending champion for last year's LAWASIA. According to my friends' prediction, after their marks combined together, none of the team will be able to make it to the finals in South Korea, owh that could be a little disappointing but it's ok, for other teams who made it to the finals in South Korea, get ready to kick other's asses and show the world what Malaysia is made of :). 

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Isaac Tan said...

you're such a supportive junior! XD

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sooo cool la!! :D and u look soo different in formal wear! :D:D

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u where got botak!

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