Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday Sister Brekkie

It has been a while since the four of us catch up. We had been very busy with our own life. Thus, Min and I decided to organize a breakfast outing on a Sunday morning last weekend. This is due to a few reasons, Min works six days a week and Yin has a tuition which took up half of her Sunday.

I was the driver of the day, everyone was beat up because we are not early risers xD. If you look closer at the pictures, you will see the beat up signs on us xD.

Anyhow, I fetched my sisters and we headed to Hailam Kopitiam @ The Strand, Kota Damansara.

Set Menu

Felicia and Yin both ordered the same Set 2.

*Pictures are for illustration purposes.*

Set 2 consist of..



Min & I had this too.

*see what I meant? Pictures are for illustrations only :)*
I miss times like that. Where the four of us, just gather together and gossip :)

Our drinks (and my wallet + car keys)

My lovely girls :)



Yin :) the youngest of our gang.

It will be a while until we do this again.

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