Friday, September 17, 2010


Yup, it's official that I'm no longer opting for Singapore for my tertiary education.

Gotten a band 7 for IELTS, thanks to How I Met Your Mother :), you know you can learn English from sitcom too!
I'm going UK instead.
With all my friends scattered around UK now, WAIT FOR ME PEEPS, I'm coming soon.

Ok enough bout that.
This post is dedicated to Wong May Ling.
She's one of my dearest friend.
We have known each other like since forever.
We don't really hang out that often nowadays. She's busy and I'm lazy (see, it rhymes!) Still, we are BFF ok! Now that she just informed me that she's leaving tomorrow, I will miss her so much that I MUST DO A POST FOR HER!

Sharing with you our memoirs :D

All time favourite picture of mine :P

The memorable open house of hers, loads of food for just a small group of friends.

The day we wore the same colour shirt.
and the wonderful dim sum outing :)

Good luck woman!
Wait for it, it's gonna be legendary!
Quote from How I Met Your Mother by Barney Stintson

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