Saturday, September 4, 2010

Batch 2 Photo shoot

IELTS was awfully long!
OUT of the house from 7am til 5pm just now.

Only had time to gobble down bread in the car on my way back to SS2.
Anyway the test was okay, there were a few hot guys :D

Went over to Ai Yan's nana's house for photo shoot of Batch 2 for VL with Yan and Fern.
Had fun just fooling around and chit chatting.

Fern :D

Yan was behind the camera :D

Some of the photos taken today.

Yan has gots ze skills :)

Fancy a good buys now?
Hop over to VL :)

toodles, gotta get ready for Step Up 3D tonight with kor :D

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