Sunday, September 26, 2010

Singapore Again with 3 Families.

Singapore, as wonderful as ever.
Was there from 10 to 12 of September 2010.
I know, ya I'm addicted on going to Singapore.
This trip was possibly the best Singapore trip so far.
We played, we ate, we travelled, we ventured, and we shopped :)

Clarke Quay, Sentosa, Tampines, Marina Bay, Orchard etc.
Seriously. What's not to like about Singapore :)?

While I was there with the families, it was rather happening.
Due to Grand Prix season, I've decided to bring Jim around Singapore at night to feel the atmosphere.
The place we went on the second night was Clarke Quay.

Yes, this is Clarke Quay

It was a Saturday night, and there were Grand Prix roadshows, Taiwanese Food fair that day.
The crowd was really really thick.

had our dinner in a restaurant called Hooter overlooking the water, they serves western fare.

Grand Prix season baybeh :)

and also something that we can never miss out on, MOS burger :)

Let me show you the people I travelled with.

The Toh Family xD

Group shot :)

My kaki :)

You can never get tired of Singapore xD

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