Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My iPad Encounter

Newspaper > iPad (sometimes xD)

First off, it's not that I abandoned my blog or something, and it's not that I don't have time to do a proper post, it's just that nothing great has happened lately. I've been staying home a lot :P. Why do I stay home you ask? Well, I've been banned from shopping. That's because I spent quite a bit during my Singapore trips. So, what's the point of going to the malls if can see but cannot buy leh :P? Well, prolly you'd say 'Go watch movie lahhh!' Basically, I've watched all the movies in the theatre now, due to raya, they didn't renew the movies. I'm currently waiting for 23rd, so that they would release new movies and I'm going to the movies again with cousie wooots! Excited Excited!

Then, a little crisis happened yesterday! My iPad came, after waiting for a week. It was still the wrong version. I wanted the 16GB of 3G+Wifi version, however Uncle B bought the 32Gb Wifi only version for me. The message was conveyed wrongly.

Apparently it went like this :
I told daddy I wanted 16GB 3G+Wifi, daddy phoned Uncle B who was in USA, and told him the same. Both of them were Mr. Computer-knows-nothing. So, to make things clearer, daddy called Uncle A who was in Singapore and cleared things up with him. Then, Uncle A made another phone call to Uncle B of USA while he was in a remote area somewhere in Indonesia. Somehow somewhat, messages were conveyed wrongly xD. Although the crisis is over, I find this long distance miscommunication quite funny xD. I'm bad I know.

To make matters better, after Uncle B found out that he bought the wrong version, he quickly retrieve the 32GB and put it back in his backpack. Then, he made a phone call to Singapore (if I'm not wrong) to order the correct one for me. Therefore, in conclusion, I think I can get the right iPad by next week :), before the commencement of university :D. I felt bad for making Uncle B to go through all that hassles to buy me the iPad, but he was quick to act. By the time when I wanted to tell him that it's alright, I'll just take the 32GB ones, I already can't. That's cause he will need to cancel his new order, that will be much much hassle, and there will be nothing else I can do but to dig a hole and climb in, then hide there forever. I could actually just take the 32GB ones, cracked it, and then let it free ride on my iPhone 3G though.

Enough bout Uncle A and Uncle B. I'm getting my iPad soon, patient :D Anyhow, this is just a short update on my recent happenings, nothing much has happened actually. I still visit nice restaurants and watch good movies, but to blog on those, I've temporarily lost the mojo :(

Bear with my lack of blogging mojo-ness :), it will be back soon. I'm praying that iPad will spark the interest again x).

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