Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quiet night out @Opera

Guess which club I went last night.
Yes you heard me right, I clubbed on a Tuesday night :X

The opera masque.

the amazing circus performance.

Winnie and Yan

The Couple and their Chocolate Martini

Our tourist-ish friend is totally concerntrating on the performance :D

It was a quiet night at Opera.
Went there with Yan and her gang of friends.
They were all nice and kind people :D

candid picture of mine >.<

Yan and I

apparently you can have 'Safe Sex on the Beach'

and a 'Mango Martini' with oranges in it. Impressive.

It was quite an impromptu outing, given this outing was only planned on Monday.
Clubbing on a Tuesday night seems weird huh?
Indeed ler, the clubs were half filled.
MOS was closed, so there were only Coco Banana and Opera to choose from.
We went from G floor to M floor and back to G floor :/

People were slowly filling in by 1am.
However, still lacked atmosphere.
Because, it wasn't jam-packed.
Oh well, quiet night indeed.
Nevertheless, Tuesday night was a bad idea.

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Thristhan said...

Nicee, never been to Opera yet, but looks great from outside :)

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