Monday, September 13, 2010

Eng Wee's Farewell

Finally have time to compose an update regarding Eng Wee's farewell.
The farewell was held last Thursday at Spice Garden, IMS 2 in Klang.
Before that, we were all hanging out in Eng Wee's house!

Oh god, I'm totally in love with his house.
It has got 3 floors and a rooftop! ping pong table bla bla bla!
I don't think I should describe it here, but it was gorgeous.
Especially the automatic dustbin, just love playing with it!
and the toilet, when I was busting to pee, I couldn't find the door when in fact it was just next to the wall I kept touching :(

Anyway, after spending time at Eng Wee's, then we went to have dinner at Spice Garden.
It was a sort of farewell dinner organized by Eng Wee's family, there were his other friends and his relatives too.
What was on the menu?
Buffet style Northern Indian Cuisine :D

Time to take lots of picture at the restaurant!

Lai, SP, Wee and me
bad hair day much xD

They looked damn funny here xD

See, even Mahathir came to this restaurant :P

and then before leaving for Eng Wee's house again.


Candid 1

Candid 2

Proper :D

ahh, I'll miss PE1 really a lot.
Toodles peeps!

Take care everyone.
To Eng Wee, who's heading to LSE.
To Lai and Wen Wen, who's going for Monash at Clayton.
To Normy, who's in Beijing for Mandarin Course.
To Wei Wen, who's going to Warwick.
To Lik Ho, who's heading to Kent.

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