Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jun Yit's Farewell

Two days before Eng Wee's farewell, there was a farewell organized by Jun Yit at his father's Japanese Restaurant.

Well, if you follow my updates, you would have known that I've blogged about Haruzen before.
Click here for my first visit to Haruzen.

It was a great dinner and catch up.
Half of the class were present, and all the lecturers were there.
I shook hand with Mr. Peter and Mr. Lai.
Well, the surprising thing was that Miss Jean actually hugged me :)

It was such a touching moment!
and it was also my first time trying sake.
Just a small cup, and boy it burned my throat. :)

Chivas for starter :)

Cute toothpick holder, reminds me of the new owl movie xD

and THE STAR OF THE NIGHT (as always)

You can never get tired of eating sashimi (not this!)

Normy loves it so much, you see.

Mr. Chan (Physics lecturer) was excited about the Chivas too!

The total amount :) (everyone actually gets RM28 subsidized)

Born to be camwhores.

Cameraman Wen Wen and ME!

Lai, Me and Normy

Great night, peeps.
Thank you so much!

P.S Cameraman Wen Wen is to be credited for all the wonderful photos here!

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