Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Bam. Damn semangat drove my brother's Vios to college early in the morning today.
Got a nice parking right in front Coffee Cabana at 7.20am ^^.
Wen Wen and Lala teman-ed me go Old Town have my indulgence ^^.
Sat there for a while til 8 and we went to library =)
Studied for a while then Likky came to join us.
A while more, Eugene came.
I saw Ai Yan. Gosh, damn long didn't see her sial.
Padahal one week one paper ne, of course la =.=.
mm, we went Silva for lunch.
I was on a Sense food diet, I only see and hear food.
But then stomach growled. So I went for waffle ^^.

Study ^^

When the studies seem to be like never ending, and you were with 4-5 guys.
You started doing crazy things.
E.g Camwhore and videos.
Sweat =.="


Wen Wen teasing me again

Burn the TKS papers :)

Super Lai



He stole my jacket when I went to the toilet :(

Normylicious is stretching my jacket =.=

The Incredible ASS

Lalalicious did it too.

Unusually baggy NOT.

Wen Wen Signature SS Pose

Super SS

The guys did stupid things and I was made to do one thing that I have never did before.
Still can't believe I actually did =.="
Never mind lol.
Ok well, TKS 12 was idk how to say la.
Lots of funny questions.
And I better not comment.
Very bad luck.
As for C18-C20?
The room was warm =.=".
Idk lah, I think it's caused by the lecturer with scary stare and also we stood outside for quite long before entering.
My jacket super 'keep warm'
I was practically sweating >.<

Someone forgotten to pass me something today.
Well, it's ok lol.

P.S Wish me luck for the police station visit tomorrow.
P.P.S Hospital visit day after tomorrow :)

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