Friday, October 30, 2009



1. feel so annoyed all the time.
2. feel so alone.
3. feel so unhealthy because of all the junks i consumed.
4. miss my friends.
5. miss going for movies with my kakis.
6. dislike not being able to hang around gossiping with my darlings.
7. dislike non college days.
8. dislike being afraid of the future.
9. dislike not being able to cheer up.
10. dislike being uptight.
11. dislike exam.
12. dislike those who build their happiness on other people's sorrow.
13. dislike hugging books.
14. dislike forcing econs' data into my brain.
15. dislike granny being sick.
16. dislike mama being stubborn and cancel her gyne appointment.
17. dislike dada being anxious all the time.
18. dislike talking to blur people and insensitive people.
19. dislike getting confused.
20. dislike fuckers trying to push my sexy car, WAIT AWHILE won't DIE LAH!

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