Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Today was omgwtfbbq
Seriously, I need some memory-altering drugs to erase the unpleasant part of Tks 22.

Migi and Dal sam, go hell.
and whatever ZIP or Propolonol(not sure of the spelling), I WANT SOME!
Oh and, for the first time, I <3 Obama more than my shitty Tks 22 paper.
I think I kinda bull the whole paper.
Well maybe just the last question.

Seriously, time was not enough!
If only a day can have forty eight hours, then tks 2 can have 3 three hours.
i would be able to finish the evaluation part of question three.
Obama, Obama, Obama.

I ran away from nbs watermelon.
It rolled towards me and i ran to the opposite side.
It rolled from east to west which was where i stood.
I ran from west to further west.
nbs watermelon changed colour.
from red to black.
I just couldn't care less about its emotion.
I needed time out.
I needed silence.

and I'm never driving car without P.
It's so eff-ing scary.
I mean biker bang you and says that it's your fault.
You park where you always park and follow everyone else's pattern,
you but everyone else got a fine.
a beautiful fine.
ah nobody cares.
I am getting my car back.
tomorrow or day after tomorrow perhaps?

I need time out.
I want movies.
I want outings.

Can't wait for 20th, 21st, 22nd and 27th of November!


ok where was i?
gosh, i am blogging half way and my mum yelled for me.
she made me drink some burned amulet in water.
and then she took the amulet and brushed my face a few times.
now she gonna pour salts in my room.
what's next :-/

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