Friday, October 9, 2009

To dearest 0901PE1-ians

Finals are coming, everyone is busy studying.

To make things short, there will be a party exclusively for 0901PE1 students only on one of the date in between the 16th of November to 20th of November in the Toh's Residence.

Why party? I also don't know.
Just to celebrate the end of AS finals.

Food haven't decide yet.
Gonna let majority vote.
SO guys please kindly leave a comment in my chatbox or here to tell me which option you choose.

Type of Food:

1. Lok Lok Car
Will book a Lok Lok lorry to stop in front my house so all you big eaters can eat all you want.

2. Nasi Lemak
Like I mentioned, my mum's nasi lemak is the only nasi lemak I eat. So yeah, think about it.

3. BBQ
All the equipments are idling in my house storeroom.

Gambateh studying PE1-ians ^^!

P.S Please remember to drop a comment and tell me your choice out of the three as mentioned above or any other suggestions
(date and food etc.)

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