Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Flat Tyre

A wonderful day started off with a flat tyre.

Where did I get it?
Near the Subang toll plaza.

What did I do?
I continued driving at 40-60 km/h all the way to SS15 and parked my car in front of AC.

When I was driving slowly, bikers and drivers were pointing at my tyre and trying to warn me.
I appreciated their concern but I ain't blind right.
I just nodded to let them know that I realized my tyre was flat.
A flat tyre smelled like SHIT.
And I thought the car was gonna blow up any time if I continued driving it.

After I parked my car, I phoned dada's phone thrice.
He never pick up, assuming he's in the toilet doing business, I phoned mama.
Mama picked up on second ring.
Told her the whole thing, and dada and mama were gonna get the mechanic to come over.
Mechanic was gonna come over at 10am after my Physics class.
However, communicating through SMSes, it was decided that my second brother, Junior was gonna rescue me at 12noon.
It means I will be stuck in college for another two hours or more.

Only when something unpleasant befall us, will we realize who's willing to give a helping hand.
Lai and Alan offered to help me change the tyre.
At first, I was really paiseh because I thought changing tyre required lots of energy and it's a dirty job.
I have no other option because I didn't want to wait in college.
So the two guys and I went to my car after Physics.

Two kind hearted homosapiens helping to change the tyre

They said, changing tyre was supposed to be an easy task.
However, the tyre was in a bad state.
The rim had gone out of shape, and one of the four bolts has been crushed.
And, that was the only bolt they couldn't get it out no matter how hard they tried.
I sorta think they injured their feet trying to jump on the spanar.
Then, I spotted Normy.

I asked for Normy's help to try and get the last bolt out.
Even when he put his whole body weight on the spanar, the bolt still refused to give in.
It remained where it was, stationary.
Giving up, the guys helped me to keep the stuffs back to their original places and they went to wash their hands in AC.
Normy went to ECA centre after that whereas Lai and Alan accompanied me to the car workshop near TBS.
For outstation job, the guy charged me RM40.
I know that they were sucking my blood, but I just wanted everything to be over so that I can head home and study.
I paid the guy and then walked back to AC for lunch with Lai and Alan while waiting for another guy called 33, sent by the car workshop.
The guy came and fixed the tyre for me.
By then it was already almost 12.
More than 1.5 hour has gone just like that.
Dada, mama and my brothers were spamming my phone simultaneously.
I was getting really tired already.
Dada told me to drive the car to his office so that he would fix everything for me.
That's because my spare tyre is a lousy ones.
I ain't gonna risk my life on it anymore.
Drove all the way to Sg. Buloh and dumped my car there.
Then, I went home using Vios.

Lesson learned:

Treasure your car, and listen to your six hours lecture.


Have a few good friends who will be there with you.

I am Twitter-free :)

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