Friday, October 2, 2009


Today started off with me getting a parking just right in front of Salmon Steaks :).
Rarely can get such nice parking no matter how early I reach college.

People kept staring at me like I am some weirdo.
I thought my face was dirty or something.

In Class


Man Man sharing his prayer's experience with Matty

After class, I went to put books in my car then lepak-ed around while waiting for woman.
Went to library, it was kinda crowded and noisy.
I forgotten my locker number AGAIN.
Today was the third time already.
But luckily I found my bag :)

Then I went to AC with Aiyan and people.
Kinda just sat there staring at her playing TTR and sang random songs with her :P.

We wore grey :)

Spammed Matty's phone 22 times :/.
He called me back finally and I left.
Fetched him to get his *cough cough*400 bucks gift in Sunway.
Then we went for a little chilling session coz the weather was very hot.
After that home :)

Gosh, mum almost gave me cardiac arrest =.=" BECAUSE


kiwi, pear and green apple

red apple, nectarine and passion fruit

in my fridge =.="

FYI, in Toh Household, I'm the only one who eat apple.
How am I supposed to finish them?

Nevermind, I am sure mum has her reasons :)
Oh, I had free FANTASTIC dinner :):):)

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