Friday, October 23, 2009


Supposed to go for 10am appoinment at Sunway Medical Centre(SMC) with mum.
Received a phone call around 9.55am.
Which was after I parked my car nicely in the neighbourhood area and was running towards mum's car because we were about to be late.

Nurse : Um, Doctor X is not coming in until 12 today.
Mum : WHAT? So this is what you call efficiency. Why are you people so inefficient? Aren't you supposed to call the patients if there is any changes like a day or two before? Oh well, at least few hours before? My appoinment is 10am and you call me at 10am. What is this?
Nurse : Um, errr, um...
Mum : Never mind, what's next week schedule?
Nurse : bla bla... Friday 9am doctor would be in.
Mum : Ok, PLEASE slot me in on 10am next Friday PLEASE? OK THANKS?!
Nurse : um okay.

Anyone would no doubt say that, Subang Jaya Medical Centre(SJMC) is better than SMC.
I mean DUH, of course SJMC is better.
But if the doctor don't go to SJMC, what's the point?
SMC is like the nearest medical centre he has a clinic in.
What choice do we patients have?
SMC, please improve your service PLEASE.
Ok, I should be studying now in library instead of ranting here.
But still, pity mummy early morning already have fire inside her tummy =.="
I mean normally she only takes HOT coffee.
But, she ordered ICED coffee just now, while accompanying me for breakfast.
People, please don't go to SMC if you have a choice.
Think 2,3,4,5.. times before going SMC.

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