Monday, January 31, 2011

what i want to do after cny

'oh hey i don't need violence to enjoy a movie, just as long a lil nudy.' - Joey, 'Friends'

'we thought we had a monkey, but we don't, turn out it was a hat! no a cat.. *giggle*' - Rachel, 'Friends'

lol, yes I've been watching 'Friends' when I'm not doing anything. The law classmates went to Red Box to celebrate Rachel's 21st birthday too! Oh well, that's not the point. This post will be about what I want to do after this super duper long cny holiday. 

The List :

1. Complete all my assignments.

2. Study more.

3. Community Service Club projects and events.

4. Volunteer for Legal Aid Centre.

5. Must check Uni e-mail constantly for updates on how to apply for accommodation.

6. Also must constantly check flight ticket's price.

7. Then, it will be visa application time!

8. Spend more time with all my friends, must treasure all the time here.

9. Throw away the antisocial habit, open up!

10. Always wake up with a smile on the face, the world is a better place.

11. Stop eating so much!

12. Watch more horror movies, I think I should watch every horror movies in the theatre.

13. Club and bar search ;).

14. Search for good food!

Me (with the mic), and the birthday girl, Rachel 


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