Sunday, January 23, 2011

The weekend of an incurable shopaholic.

She did not mean to walk to this part of the mall, all she wanted to do here today was to restock on the groceries as told by her granny, buy her favourite cake and then head home. Somehow, she finds herself walking towards this direction and then starts browsing through the many varieties of attires. Then, their eyes met. To be more accurate, she laid her eyes on it. It took her breath away instantly and she knew that she just had to have it. As she holds the dress in her hands with less than RM40 in her wallet, she mentally says "alright this will be the last dress I would ever purchase for this month, it's for Chinese New Year because I haven't shop for Chinese New Year yet, I'll need a decent dress for this occasion, at least for visiting relatives and to be presentable." She opens her mouth and asks the aunty "Hello aunty, how much is this?" There the aunty goes "Hey yo pretty! You have good taste! This is handmade and it's my own designed brand, I'll give you RM45! Very good bargain, better grab fast as when 4pm strikes, many girls would be in this bazaar shopping for CNY, you wouldn't want to miss out on this pretty dress! It suits you perfectly!" Trying to open her mouth but failed miserably, she just kept nodding and saying "Yes, aunty I agree with you." But, how? She didn't plan to shop today and she did not have enough cash!

Then, an idea strikes. "Oh hey, my house is like 5 minutes drive away, given that it's peak hour now, probably an additional 15 minutes due to the jam on Persiaran Surian. Alright, I shall drive home and get the cash!' Happy with her own thought, still holding the dress and trying to maintain a calm face, she tells the aunty "Aunty, I'll be right back." She walks away calmly at steady pace out of the aunty's sight, and then she fastens her pace towards basement and into her car. Inside her car, she mentally comforts herself "There there, you did well, now you just have to endure the 15-20 minutes jam that you have passed by twice this morning to get your cash at home :)."

After what seems like forever, she reaches her house, put down the groceries in the kitchen and then goes up into her room to find her cash. "AH, found you :)." She gets her money and heads back into her car, then she braves the jam once more through Persiaran Surian and goes back into the mall. She did not care about anything else, other than the dress being clearly crafted out in her mind, every single details of it. She successfully parks her car in a spot not too far from the escalator, then runs up into the part of the mall where the flea market is situated in. She calmly pace and browses through the whole flea market, as she did not want to appear to be too eager or desperate for that dress. Soon, the urge becomes a bit overwhelming and she finally walks back to the aunty's store. She hops towards the aunty and says "Hey aunty, I told you I would be back." Aunty responds by saying "Oh, you are back for the dress." She gets the dress and tries to visualize herself wearing it, while thinking ''Ah, just the way I like it.". "Ok, aunty I want this, oh wait *points towards another dress* this seems nice, how much is it?" The aunty smiles and says "Oh lady, this one is good, I have customers buying this dress in all four colours, but anyway this dress costs RM65." She beams at the sight of that white dress she just laid eyes on " Holy mama, isn't this dress even better than the one I am holding? Oh, there are fifteen days of Chinese New Year isn't it? I can have both! :D" She grabs the second dress and browses some more.

Highlight of the day. Her phone rings. "Oh, it's mum." So she answers it and mummy goes "Where are you dear?" She tells her mum that she's doing Chinese New Year shopping. Mummy laughs and then agrees to sponsor her Chinese New Year shopping. They hang up and she goes back to the aunty's store.

Unknowingly, she walks away with a bag filled with lovely dresses with a smile on her face.


I did not mean to be a shopaholic, it just happened.

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~IHSAN AZ~ said...

havent been shopping at all this year,huhu,gonna start soon, owh and HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR...=.)

Jolyn said...

Ihsan : Hie :), yes quick quick :D! Thanks for the wish.

Jayren Hann Yaw said...

wow ! i like your this post a lot ! happy Chinese New Year ! =D

Jolyn said...

Jayren : geee, thank you!

HenRy LeE ® said...

i havent bought my cny stuff yet :(

Qi Wen 绮文 said...

Early wish.. haha XD Happy Chinese New Year to you too =)

Jolyn said...

Henry : still got time :)
Qi Wen : Thanks :D

` Yi Han said...

Happy Chinese New Year! :D

Jolyn said...

Yi Han : You too :D

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