Monday, January 17, 2011

My life as a law student

1. Wake up, shower, eat, catch a breath.

2. Study, with the company of caffeine.

3. The most important food for survival during odd hours -> chips! *VERY IMPORTANT*

4. Stress? Ignore or go to bed.

5. De-stress? Flood Twitter/Facebook as I have no one to turn to.

6. Develop muscles from carrying all that heavy textbooks.

7. However, at the same time grow sideways from all the chips intake.

8. My iPad is my carry-on everywhere I go, it contains all my Law materials, and if it dies (like what happened today), I'm a total dumb dumbo.

Bless me, I'm such a healthy person I know.

toodles <3

2 comment beans:

jfook said...

HAHA Ipad plays such important role!

Jolyn said...

jfook : sadly yeah, and i didn't realize it until yesterday :S

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