Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's a girl thang!

Oh ya, it's that time of the year again, surprisingly as years goes by, I really stop feeling the excitement for Chinese New Year. I remember how I used to fuss all over Chinese New Year, the visitings, the extra red packet money, the food and most importantly then new clothes! Oh well, this time of the year, in 2011, I feel like this is just another festival, another day. To be honest, the only thing I am grateful about for this Chinese New Year, is that I won't have to go around visiting my relatives, because we used to just spend the whole day or sometimes 2 to 3 days just hanging out at their house doing nothing. Grown ups will catch up while we the younger ones will just be bored to death.

Ok, I'm not complaining, for this Chinese New Year would be the last Chinese New Year I would be spending here in KL with my family and friends, I would of course enjoy it to the fullest with them. The memory of last Chinese New Year still lingers on my mind, we spent the entire CNY in Japan, all that memories seem so far away now. Somehow, my family just got used to spending Chinese New Year abroad because it's a long holiday, we just can't bear the thought of doing nothing here in KL for a week other than visiting and stuffing ourselves with food. Oh ya, the jam on the expressway too. This year, since it's the last Chinese New Year here in KL, I'm spending it with my parents and granny in Taiwan. Just another chillin trip, to pass some time with my parents, because I'm pretty sure that they are gonna miss me a lot when I leave :).

I am not feeling the excitement though, I don't know why. I hardly ever feel excited for anything anymore, not even shopping and I'm a natural born shopaholic, almost like Rebecca Bloomwood from the Shopaholic series :/. When was the last time I feel excited again? I could hardly remember. Prolly when I was about to leave for my Europe trip I guess? or when I thought I was about to die up there at the podium during my moot? Oh wait, that wasn't excitement, that was fear and tonnes of butterflies in my stomach.

My CNY holiday started yesterday, the 29th :). I didn't really have any plans, because usually I reserve my weekends for my family, I'm a family person :P However, last night I got ditched by my parents, they sorta just decided to make their own plans and inform me last minute, oh well fine by me. I had a few choice though, to THE HILLS with my brother and a bunch of crazy people doing crazy things or just a girls night organized by me :D. Thus, I decided to ask Min out on a girly date, just doing the girl thing, chilling and talking. Last night was lots of talking, eating and camwhoring. We sort of just walked around, went for a movie and then chilled a bit, (Library, Sanctuary etc.) If not for our gender, we should really do it more often yo. By 12 o'clock, my phone was vibrating non-stop from all that calls already, first my mum and then hers. Seriously, sometimes it's just sucks being a girl you know. Curfews and rules. Anyway, we still reached home around 12.30-1 lol. Gah, and Min also had to report her safety to her other half when she's home too. Rules and regulations tsk tsk. Thank God I'm single :D.

Sisters :)

This is how the carpark looks like at midnight, not scary because I turned it into a joke and we laughed all the way into her car X)


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