Wednesday, January 26, 2011

and the appeal was allowed with cost :')

and the judges have each deliberated and came to a conclusion that 'the appeal is allowed with cost'.

That was the happiest sentence of the day, from all the stressfulness and sleepless nights, and efforts spent on preparing the paperwork for the moot. Actually being the second team to moot, has more pros than cons. I get to be done with it BEFORE Chinese New Year holidays, and there was only one external judge instead of three. Anyway, it was still a scary experience for me, I paled just by watching the first team moot. The colour was totally drained from my face. I gotta say it was the first time ever that I get to watch a live moot, and it was the people that I know that were fighting against each other :). and again, congrats to the respondent's team, William and Zhe Xian for winning the moot :)

Words can't describe the 1 and a half hour I had to go through. The experience was still fresh on my mind. Also, it's only through mooting, I get to understand people's nature more, because it's a teamwork thing.

As I stood on the podium, the butterflies in my stomach just flied away, it was an enjoyable experience because suddenly, i just forgot about how nervous I was because I realised that.. 'THIS IS THE MOMENT, THE MOMENT WHERE ALL MY HARDWORK WILL BE PAID OFF' and I told myself, 'Oh my, it's time to show them what you got! The stage is yours and this is your moment!' I did stumble when the judges shot me with questions and stuffs, but I do remember what the seniors told me, yea it's like that because in real life, court hearing is way way tougher, we just gotta hang on to our principles and do not waiver. I did stoned and got so nervous to the point of stuttering, but it was ONE HELL LOT OF FUN!


We won the case :D and was the best team :')

*butterflies in my stomach*

My partner and I :)

Can't pat my own back, so ya that explains why the panda-eyed girl got herself a 'happiness in a bowl' :P

This mooting experience is not gonna make me scare of everything Law-related. If I had to choose again, I would still choose Law School :).

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HenRy LeE ® said...

woahhh... congratz! hope u'll win more cases in future! u go girl! :)

Jolyn said...

Henry : thank you!

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