Sunday, January 2, 2011

embrace the first night of 2011 from Sands Skypark

I had the priviledge to go up til the 57th floor to view the city on the first night of 2011. Of course it wasn't for free, my parents paid for it lahhh XD

So each of us spent 20SGD to go up to Sands Skypark, Singapore just for..


this and..


It's really hard to get nice shots at such a dark and windy night with a lousy camera, must get a good camera before UK :).

SOOOOO windy.
BTW, it's me and the city view at the back *sigh*

Hello 2011, I'm ready for you.

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HenRy LeE ® said...

the night scene damn nice lor... when r u going to UK?

Jolyn said...

Henry : BA-NA-NA! haha yea weh, the only moment i regretted not buying a giant camera HAHAHA. around end of september I think :D you want to do a farewell party for me isit :P

domokun said...

waa..i heard that its expensive..didnt get to go there during my last trip to singapore TT sad><

Jolyn said...

domokun : Hi, thanks for dropping by :D anyway it's 20SGD and there's time limit for you to be up there if i'm not mistaken, but anyway do go up there the next time you go singapore and maybe we will see each other there :D

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