Thursday, January 13, 2011

a confession.

You know when something gets too addictive, and you have to have it every single day, it's time to find a solution = quit. There are many types of addiction out there, here I'm going to take the example of coffee because I myself is crazy about coffee, I can never ever quit drinking it.

Many of us won't admit to being addicted to coffee, but we have to have it everyday, or we simply find excuses to have it every now and then.
Reasons like..I'm tired so I have to drink coffee. I'm beat so a coffee would really helps. I can't open my eyes, need a stimulant, ahhh COFFEE! These are actually just pure excuses I came up with every now and then simply because I needed to drink it, it's like a necessity for me.

Alright, you might go to caf├ęs like Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Gloria Jeans etc. for your cup of coffee, however traditional brands still have a strong grip on some of us.

Are you a fan of black coffee?

Maybe coffee with milk and whipped cream for some sweetness?

Or... are you hardcore drinker and love the pure taste of coffee?

Don't like your cup of coffee to be warm?
Iced Coffee is good too :)

or.. the one that all of us are familiar with..
Starbucks Frappucino yo.

I tried quitting coffee, and failed miserably. I was sober for two weeks and then relapsed.
How am I supposed to quit when someone brings up something about coffee, my eyes shine with hopes and dreams?

Nonetheless, I'm a happy girl *holding my cup* oh btw, I love nescafe and mocha lol.

*credits to every sites I grabbed the coffee pictures from.*

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lyCayenne said...

woah. what a coincidence. i just blogged about coffee too. but i'm completely the contrast of your perception in coffee :D

HenRy LeE ® said...

coffee is no good but still, most of us are addicted to it... i even thought of getting a certificate in coffee making. Wish i can have a coffee maker at home :D

not many girls like nescafe but u r cool! :D

Jolyn said...

Cayenne : hello, I see, haha it's opinionated :).
Henry : Wow, you should learn to make, then come make for me :D, yea because nescafe is awesomely cheap :P

missabeebby said...

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