Saturday, January 15, 2011

dns :O

I remember how I used to beg my brother to bring me to the theatre for horror movies, and that took a lot of effort because my brother thinks that horror movie should be watched at home, not the theatre, it's a waste of money *quote him*. He brought me anyway, because I disturbed him like crazy and all my friends were too chicken to go for those movies with me. Anyway, you know how when you watch a certain horror movie, you are supposed to be at cautious state and be all scared and hyped up? That was supposed to be my purpose for watching horror movies! Anyway it didn't happen with me last night!

After a long day at university and also some hardcore in the evening, I decided to reward myself so I went for a movie night with my movie buddies yesterday. I've heard all the negative reviews on Paranormal Activity 2, and having watched the first one, I really didn't expect much from it. However, you gotta continue what you started :) and this applies to ALL. We made our way to the theatre and sat down. I gotta say this, the movie was really dull in the beginning AS EXPECTED. I didn't know what was happening until like 20 minutes later since I was late for the movie. Anyway, the movie was filmed in the video camera recording style and so it felt kinda real. I really didn't know that the movie is fictional until I Google-d about it yesterday!

So, there were certain moments of the movie when it got kind of scary, we were supposed to scream and all, but thanks to my movie buddy, I ended up laughing. I mean how would you expect me to react huh? When I was startled, I heard him went 'OH FCUK! *laughs* That's why I laughed instead. Oh btw, there were a few moments when the movie kind of shocked me. Nonetheless, I feel that this movie explained and helped clarify about Paranormal Activity 1. It's not the best movie, actually both are kind of crappy (PA1 and PA2) but anyway it makes sense to me :).

My advice is, do not watch Paranormal Activity 2 if you have short attention span, you'd be fidgeting non-stop in your seat. That's because the film drags on and on and then BOOM, something happens. This movie really dns -_-"

OH WELL, if your heart can't take it, go watch some comedy or romcom. Oh watch Love & Other Drugs, maybe you would feel better watching love movies.

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