Thursday, November 4, 2010

when boredom is the case.

This is a pre-weekend update. I warn you first that there are gonna be lots of silly shots ahead.

In my comfort zone.

It all started with BOOKS

Then I got silly.

The 'neighbor principle' taught me to pose with my neighbor :)

My food can't resist photobooth :))

even my 'accessory' realizes that tomorrow is Deepavali :)

These weren't enough, the boredom doesn't end.

In my campus

I became distracted by this watch XD

Even when some TV3 peep were filming us, he was caught on tape by me!

And a talk by Professor Lewis today!

Who doesn't know Donoghue v Stevenson right :)

The well known snail beer

The silly streak doesn't end, you know why?
Even when my car got blocked, and I had to stone while waiting for the guard to do his job.

I never FAIL to amuse myself, all hail Taylor's Parking sticker. & to whoever that double parked me today, I wasn't offended at all :)

P.S If you bear with my silliness and read this post til the end, you are awesome man!
Have a great weekend peeps!

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