Friday, November 19, 2010

A hug cures everything.

My 19th birthday, eternalized :)

Hello peeps, the blogging mojo is back in action :) Wow, this must have been the longest time that I've abandoned my blog :S You know what, that's the effect of law school, yay blame it on law school xD. Nah, actually this week there weren't much classes as classes clash with many events so many classes were postponed.

I didn't blog for so long was undeniably mainly caused by law school and also I've not been in the blogging mood. Many sad and unfortunate things had happened to me in the past week. However, all is well now because friends and family are there for me :) You have no idea how life can be sometimes. I don't think anyone have any idea :P

Oh ya, one thing I found out is that hug cures everything, not just smiles. I've been hugging peeps more often now after the 'Hug an Indian' day, boy.. you have no idea how much I love hugging a specific someone ;).

A hug is a form of welcome and care. You spread your arms and you welcome people into your embrace :) I've been feeling rather exhausted and lack of energy recently, so what did I do to keep me going throughout the day? Basically, it's the primary fuel of mine, COFFEE and hugs from my friends :)

Have also been feeling unwell recently due to my low blood pressure and sugar level I guess. What's more? It's the time of the month again today. Everything seemed so blue, the cramps were horrible and I can barely feel my feet. *Sigh* so sad I couldn't joined any activities during the five hours break :(. Anyway, went home and rested then was recharged for Contract Lecture :) Hugs also enhanced my energy whee! I think it's a form of energy sapper for me to sap from my friends :P

Anyway, today a senior came and told us bout the Community Service of law school. Jack and I was really interested in being a part of the committee. So guess what? Both of us were selected :) So happy and relieved! I'm really looking forward to the Legal Aid Clinic that is going to happen soon, and also the UNICEF thing that Aida mentioned today. I hope there will be more community work in the future, and OF COURSE a secret fantasy of mine, blood drive :)) I love donating blood!

Oh ya, gotta mention this as well, my birthday celebration was eternalized by the class :) due to the fact that Wei Ling is quitting law school for architecture. So ya, she's gonna be staring at my 19th birthday in her room everyday :P

See how full is her card :)

Toodles peeps, I'm hoping to increase the frequency of my blog updates :)
Good luck to all my computing friends who will be facing finals in the coming week, you guys can do it :) Study smart and hug more when you need it!

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everything said...

You are a Scorpio [scorpio horoscope ] and you are so blessed and lucky to have an amazing and wonderful people around you who also made your birthday even extra more special. That's the most important above all!

Jolyn said...

Dear everything, yes I'm blessed to have them :), I agree with what you said :D However, I'm a Libra hehehe :)

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