Monday, November 8, 2010

First Hiking Trip with Classmates to Broga Hill.

Heyyo peepos, today was my first time going for a hiking trip with my classmates! Our targeted place was Broga Hill :)

The 18 of us gathered at Taylor's Lakeside Campus around 4.30am. Boy, Lakeside was beautiful that time :) The difference between Lakeside at 4am and Lakeside at 9am is a wide gap yo!

Then, 5am! We adjourned to Broga Hill in CONVOY :D. Four cars were headed towards Broga.
Wei Ling - CRV (leader)
James - MyVi
Joshua - MyVi
Zhe Xian - Viva

I was the map reader in Wei Ling's car *proud*. Oh well, I gotta salute Wei Ling's driving, she's a really fast driver. We reached Broga a while after adjourning and BOY IT WAS PITCH DARK. There were no one but us at the carpark. No lights, no souls, just well... us.

Thank God for the existence of company and of course TORCHLIGHT!

Pictures time :D

View from the top of Broga Hill just shortly after sunrise :)

Ya, we reached the top just in time!
Oh wait, a group picture before the sunrise.

The 18 of us :)

Hehe, good postures huh :P My work :P

So windy!

Just sitting down and relaxing is nice too!

I sat everywhere and I slided when I can't get a grip, so ya, this is pretty self-explanatory :X

Bye Bye Broga!
The girls in the same car as me, as hyper as ever lol. I'm in the front seat xD

Broga was a new experience for me because I'm not exactly a sport person, neither have I hiked in such a good weather before. I've hiked several times in the past, but the weather was not treating me well! I always ended up with a pair of shoes to throw away or a terrible headache. Anyway I'm really glad we did this during our first week of break.

Here's something about Broga. If you are an amateur in hiking, or you just want to have a taste of hiking with your loved ones, or to watch sunset, or simply just an exercise, Broga Hill is the place to go.

However, do take note that Broga is quite a remote area in Semenyih, there will not be any 24 hours convenience shop or toilets nearby, be sure to go to the toilet at Petronas gas station at Semenyih town (which you will come across while you are on your way there).

I've seen peeps with sandals, shorts, jeans, sneakers and even crocs. So yea, unless you are pretty sure you can hike in these sorts of attire, if not don't do it, be on the safe side, like me :) trackbottom and trainers! Oh ya NOT FORGETTING tonnes of water :) You will be sweating like crazy, trust me because that happened to me.

I can't wait for our next class outing :)
Let's go ZORBING.
Who's up for it :)?

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haha... dirty ur pants? that's a normal thing when it comes to hiking! :D

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