Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yc session at One Cafe with ♥

I'm gonna tell a story about three people who has got nothing to do on a Saturday night, they decided to meet up and have a yumcha session at One Cafe.

Min and I met up with JJ at One Cafe around 8.20pm. The poor JJ sprained his right ankle :(

You see what I mean :)

Anyway Min had some sort of chicken chop and I ordered their signature fried beancurd in rojak sauce. Nothing special, typical food, therefore not worth mentioning :) The star of the night is the pizza I'm going to introduce to you below :) Only people who has birthday in the month itself can redeem such a tasty and unique pizza! But of course T&C apply :)

Birthday kid scored us a 20' complimentary pizza!
This is a very unique thin pizza, you won't get too stuffed or bloated even after three pieces, it's a very flavorful dish :)

*Make a wish and blow!*

My dinner provider can't live without technology XD

Their drinks are actually quite unique :)

JJ's Spicy Mango Soda

My Cappucino Blend

Min's Ice Lemon Tea

Must take picture with the birthday kiddo :P


Hehe this is something random :P

Anyway the ambience in One Cafe is nice, even on a Saturday night, it's not that crowded and it's cooling, just something like Station 1 Cafe. However, you pay more to dine in One Cafe. I will come back for their dessert next time :)

For more information, visit One Cafe official website :)

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