Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Join the UNICEF 'Unite Against Child Abuse' Campaign at Taylor's Lakeside Campus :)

It's been a busy week :), nevertheless it's all turning out fine :). 2 Legal Skills Assignments dued and handed in, and then there are Contract and Tort assignments this week :). Law School has been really fun, especially Criminal Law. We have been fed with lots of interesting yet traumatising cases.

Who would have thought you could watch Desperate Housewives, Stephen Chow's movie or even Star Wars during classes? Then with all these work done, there's the Christmas party next Tuesday in Taylor's for the orphans! I'm really excited for that, we are gonna be doing the Christmas Carol, hope it turns out well :). There is this UNICEF event which will be happening in Taylor's every Wednesday :), our booth will be set out in front of the Student Life Centre, just come and check us out alright? All you have to do is just sign the card and fill in your details then you will be one of the supporters for preventing Child Abuse :)

The child abuse cases has been rising rapidly in KL, so let's just do all we can to prevent them alright? If you are wondering about what kind of UNICEF event I'm talking about, I have actually blogged about it before, it's here :)

If you can't be there at our booth, it's ok, we will be mobile and going around campus to look for you, just don't turn us down ok :D

The location of our booth : Amphitheater (In front Student Life Centre)
The time that we will be there : 12noon -3pm every Wednesday
Things you would have to do : Fill in your details in the little blue card that we're gonna give you! Also, ask us about the 'Get On Board' campaign :D
Cheers peeps, see you at the UNICEF booth ok :D?

P.S Our booth will be there from 11am-1pm :) for tomorrow though :)

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